In the Garden – Week 2

And so, that brings us up to today, the end of week 2.

This week we’ve started seeing a lot of growth in the garden.  Several of the tomato plants have blossoms and many of the herbs are already overflowing their barrels.  All of the new fruits that were added this year have begun to leaf out beautifully.  The strawberries that were put in with bare roots and one or two teeny leaves per set are now getting more defined by the day.  The little sticks that are called Fig Trees have buds and the Cherry Tree has actual leaves.  The new blueberry is still very small and if you blink you might just mistake it for a stick but even it has tiny leaves forming.  I’m also noticing many more blooms on my Arctic Kiwi this year.  I’m hoping to get some fruit from those soon.

Unfortunately though, with all of the rain we lost two Cherry Tomato plants and all of the direct sown lettuces and leafy greens.

Today I went out and used the Garden Weasel between all of the plants in order to get up some weeds and ready the ground for more rain.  Thank God we’ve had a hot, rain-free week and could actually USE some now.  Everything looks very neat and tidy now.  Additionally, I re-planted kale, romaine lettuce and arugula.  I was also able to harvest a nasturtium blossom and found a few more buds ready to bloom anytime.  Tomorrow two new cherry tomatoes will go in to replace the ones lost and I will re-sow spinach and carrots.


This Week’s Harvest

3 Nasturtium blossoms

4 Strawberries

gallon bucket full of Lemon Balm


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