In the Garden – Week 3

Just a few weeks ago we were wondering if it was ever going to stop raining.  Now, we’re worried that it may never rain again.  Where is the happy medium?  Even though we planned the garden in a low-lying area of the yard to act as a natural watering system, we’re still having some trouble keeping up this year.  Oh well, last year we hardly touched a hose; this year we’ve had it out every single day.  I guess it all evens out in the end.

This week was all about garden maintenance.  I spent an entire day water-sealing the bean arbor and the wood trim on the screened-in deck.  This is the first year that I’ve done this particular chore and I’ve decided that I really enjoy it.  Afterward, I went around water-sealing everything I could get my hands on.  If the husband isn’t careful he  might end up being waterproof.  The following day we layed out 300′ of soaker hose and finally got the garlic and lima beans that I ordered from Burpee.  So far, I’ve only managed to get the limas in the ground; the garlic is waiting patiently in the refrigerator.

Yesterday we discovered (or rather, rediscovered) that leaving a garden alone for a few days will always result in utter chaos.  After being away for three days, we returned home to a full day’s worth of weeding.  By the time it hit 7pm I was done and decided to call it a day.  I got everything but the strawberry and lettuce patches done.  The husband also staked up most of the tomatoes since they had started getting out of control already.  We’ll need to buy more stakes this year though since we’ve added so much space.

I’m starting to see more and more growth everyday.  My banana tree has a second rhizome sprouting from the bottom and my lemon tree is going to need repotting this year.  Many of my flowering herbs have bloomed already including the chamomile, feverfew and lavender.   There are dozens of tomato blooms already and even a few tiny formed tomatoes.  The squash and zucchini plants are going CRAZY and I’ve determined that I planted them entirely too close to the edge of the garden.  Before long they are going to lop over into the yard.  I’ll have to make note of that for next year.

Being that today is my husband’s 39th birthday and our 13th anniversary, I wanted to get him something special that he would never buy for himself.  The boy-child got him the requisite Phillies t-shirt and I bought a Reese Cup Ice Cream Cake and will make tacos for dinner but, gift-wise I really wanted something different this year.  He kept saying that he wanted to stick to useful gifts so I had an idea… a Kumquat Tree.  The man LOVES kumquats and has mentioned to me before that you could actually buy trees online.  Last year he even went so far as to buy a bulk box of the fruit online from a grower.  Since we put in the cherry and fig trees this year I was inspired to get him his very own kumquat t tree.  Of course, we’re not in a tropical region so it will have to come in during the winter months like my Meyer Lemon and Banana trees.  I also bought him a book called Growing Tasty Tropical Plants in Any Home Anywhere to go along with it.  The tree is not here yet (so, ixnay on the umquatkay if you happen to see my husband) but when it gets here it will go in a large planter right between the garage doors at the front of the house.  That will make it easy to bring it in when the weather turns.  I’ll be honest, I don’t have the best track record with saving plants from the first frost.  I always tend to want to squeeze in that one last day outdoors and then BAM!!! the frost hits and they die.  I can’t tell you how many aloe and ficus trees I’ve murdered this way.  I’m going to have to be vigilant about this bad boy though since he was over $100.  My next venture is a Hass Avocado tree since they are supposed to pollinate one another.  I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

This Week’s Harvest

dahlia flowers
nasturtium blossoms


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  1. 1

    Sandy said,

    Can you really grow avocado there? I hardly want to admit how many we can eat in a week here. P.S. Bill likes reeses too. Last year, on his birthday, Schuy made him a card that was shaped like a reeses. On the back she writes, “don’t forget that mom is the best reeses you ever tasted”. I. Nearly. Died.

    • 2

      contessa20 said,

      Bahahahaha! Oh that is hilarious, Sandy!

      Honestly, I don’t know if it will grow here but I’m willing to give it a try. If nothing else, the avocado is supposed to pollinate the kumquat so it will be useful that way. Hopefully, that book I mentioned will give me some tips. It will definitely have to come in during the winter with the other trees though.

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