In the Garden – Weeks 6 & 7

The garden has been absolutely bursting with growth over the last two weeks.  We’ve had a few good soaking rains that have meant full rain barrels and low water bills.  Three cheers for Mother Nature!

The Nasturtiums are non-stop blooming now and we’re getting tons of them everyday.  In fact, even between the humans and the reptiles, we still haven’t been able to keep up with eating them all.  As usual, the Lemon Balm is taking over my front sidewalk.  It is on its third major cutting of the year.

Out in the main garden we’ve started getting buckets full of Squash, Zucchini and Cucumbers.  Many have gone on to new homes because we’re so overrun with them right now.  I’ve got several small Watermelons started and one that is about the size of a softball.  I can’t wait to dig into those in a few months.

The Lima Beans are FINALLY running up the arbor now.  Took ’em long enough!  I’ve noticed some Long-Standing Spinach coming up and my Collards seem to be coming back.  Interesting!  I thought I had lost all the greens this year.

Last year I planted these Purple Flash Peppers in my front beds and I’ve noticed that one has sprouted back up and come back.  I’m thinking once it’s a little more established I’ll dig her up and pot her.  Maybe I can keep her through the winter under the grow lights downstairs.

The one surviving Sunflower is HUGE and the stalk is a massive beast.  I am quite impressed.

Oh and the Kumquat tree has finally been potted and placed in its new home.  Since it has been here it has sprouted a few new fruits and LOTS of blossoms.  They won’t be ripe and edible for quite awhile yet but I’m still really excited.  I’m also rather surprised at how fragrant the blooms are.  They smell like a citrus-y drier sheet.

This Week’s Harvest 

*I have tons of pictures to share but for some reason WordPress is being kind of a jerk today. 

lemon balm
green peppers


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