Read-a-Thon Hour 10

In all the other Read-A-Thon’s I’ve done in the past I would have been exhausted by now and ready for a nap.  I think that’s probably because I spent a LOT of time just sitting and reading where this time I’ve actually been moving around more.  Most of the time I am pacing while I read or doing other things like making dinner for the boy child.  So far, I’m not tired at all.  I’ve put off reading this book for quite awhile because I didn’t want the series to end so I’m really enjoying finally getting to it.

In the last hour I’ve read chapters 17 and 18 of Mockingjay and reached 67% completion.  I feel like I’m reading at a snails pace compared to my friend Dana over at Deepening Years but it’s all good; I’m still loving every minute of the day now that things are running a bit smoother.

The Hour 10 Mini-Challenge is brought to you by Reading Romances:

To enter this mini- challenge you have to leave a comment telling me which authors you’d like to see together in an anthology and create a theme for the book! Creating a name for it is totally optional!



Marion Zimmer Bradley, Betsy Tobin, Tamora Pierce, Barbara Kingsolver, Audrey Niffenegger, Libba Bray, Sarah Addison Allen

All authors who evoke my senses in magical way.



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    Amy said,

    It sounds to me like you’re doing a great job during the Readathon! It’s all about reading but also having fun! There’s no rush. You’re into the second half now just about so just keep up the great work!

    Happy Reading!

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