Read-A-Thon Hour 12

OH MY SOUL are we REALLY hitting the mid-point right now?

The 12th hour mini-challenge is brought to you by Erin Reads:

Here’s what you must do to participate in the Hodge-Podge Proposals Mini-Challenge. First, grab a pen and paper, open up a text file, or fire up your memory and list:

  1. The first name of any character in the book you’re currently reading (or just finished)
  2. The make or model of your current car, whichever you like better (if you don’t have a car, use one you’ve had or would like to have)
  3. A job you think would be especially fascinating

1. Katniss

2. Fit

3. Zookeeper


Numbers 1 and 2 become the first and last name of your new character, and 3 is his or her occupation. Now briefly pitch me a new series in the genre of your choice based on this hodge-podge character!

To participate in the challenge, leave a comment with your character name and occupation, your series synopsis, and a way to contact you. (Alternately, you can post your proposal on your blog and leave me a link and contact info in the comments.) I will draw one winner at random a few minutes before Read-A-Thon Hour 15 begins and pass the winner’s name along to the Read-A-Thon prize committee. Winner will also be announced on the main site and will be contacted about choosing a prize.


Katniss Fit, Kat for short, has just gotten her first job as Zookeeper with Mystwood Zoo in the small but secluded town of Avalon, Wyoming.  What Kat doesn’t realize, however, is that this isn’t just any ordinary zoo.  This is a zoo for magical creatures and houses some of the most rare and beautiful specimens of the other realm.  It is her job, not just to keep them healthy and happy but to ensure that they are safe from those who seek to destroy all of the magic that once filled our world so that the wonder they bring is not lost for all of eternity.  Will she succeed or will the earth as we know it be plunged into an eternal monotony of  gloom and predictability?  And more importantly, why was SHE chosen for the job when, before today she wasn’t even aware that there was another realm?


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