Dewey’s Read-A-Thon 2012 (Hours 4 & 5)

Location: Back porch
Books Completed: 0
Pages Read: 200
Current Read: Thirst Book 1 by Christopher Pike


Weary!  I am growing so weary of this book.  I was looking forward to it and now I’m not sure if I can trudge through the next 400 pgs. without setting it on fire.  The dialog is kind of atrocious and the plot is just… well… stupid.  When I picked up a book about vampires I wasn’t really expecting this whole back story involving Krishna.  There’s really been very little vampire-y about it but there’s also been very little teen angst or drama.  The two people who have found out about the the main character’s “condition” have been totally cool with it… like learning that this hot chick that sits next to you in Biology who you just met like yesterday is a vampire is a completely normal occurrence.  Seriously?  Where is the human emotion?  I’ve finished the first book of the three-in-one.  I may go on to the second one or I may just skip to a different book.  We’ll see what happens by the time I make it back downstairs. 


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    Here to cheer! Yikes! Sounds like it’s time for a change in books for you. I hope you find your way into something you enjoy!

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