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A New Venture in the Burbs…

A few weeks ago life started tumbling around like the die in a Yahtzee cup.  The school year was coming to an end with all its inherent hustle and bustle: school finals, Black Belt camp, baseball play-offs, talent shows, birthdays, anniversaries, go, go, GO!  And then, I was told that I probably wouldn’t have a job next year.  I guess I should rewind a bit.  I work worked at a small Christian school where my son has attended for the last two years.  The tuition was affordable, the class sizes small and the teachers excited about teaching.  Over the last six months our school has chosen to step in and purchase a larger, failing Christian school.  The result being that next year all students will merge onto one campus.  Honestly, we were excited about the acquisition and were the very first to turn in our application.  Because our current school only went to 8th grade and the new school went through high school, we no longer had to worry about what to do for 9th – 12th grades… or did we?!?!?  Without going into all the details, the teacher’s aides (that would be me) were told that if enrollment did not increase for the new year that we would not have jobs.  We would, however, not find out definitively until sometime over the summer.  This started the Yahtzee cup shaking and spinning.  No job means no 50% discount on a tuition that was raised nearly THREE-FOLD over the course of the acquisition.  No 50% discount means that we can no longer afford to send the boy-child to that school.

With finances being a factor in schooling options for the coming year, we just didn’t feel it would be prudent to wait around to see if I would have a job or not.  Finding out in August that I would have no job, and thus no back-up plan would have been a recipe for disaster.  We tossed out that Yahtzee cup full of dice  a dozen times and one option kept popping up most prominently – homeschooling.

I am beyond excited.
The husband is skeptical, terrified and confused.
The boy-child is sad to be leaving his friends, upset that he will miss the 8th grade field trip to Williamsburg and excited at the prospect of finishing school by the time his peers are heading to lunch.

Once we made the decision to homeschool, things moved fast.  Within hours of sending the official unenrollment email, the “intent to homeschool” form was filled out and in the mail, he was enrolled in the homeschool co-op classes at our church and the curriculum was ordered.  My head is still spinning.

I have been asked several times if I am angry or bitter about what happened and my answer is a resounding, NO!  First, I have always wanted to homeschool.  ALWAYS.  And second, everything happens for a reason.  In fact, I was standing at the kitchen sink one night when God reminded me of a little something.  When the boy-child was going into first grade we were planning to send him to this particular school that our current school has purchased.  We took him in for a placement test over the summer and he failed SPECTACULARLY.  The school actually called us to say that they would allow him to enroll ONLY if he were held back and repeated kindergarten.  Now, let me just say that my child is smart and that is not just the mom in me talking.  In the 7 yrs. that he has been in school, his lowest report card grade was a B+.  He has made second honors (all A’s and B’s) EVERY. SINGLE. marking period of EVERY. SINGLE. year.  This is not to brag on how smart my kid is but to say that he was simply not supposed to go to this school.  Now, fast forward 7 yrs. later and we try to enroll him again under different circumstances only to be met with yet ANOTHER roadblock.  CLEARLY, the boy-child is NOT supposed to go to this school.  I can’t say that I know why but it is blatantly obvious.

And so, our little Homestead in the Burbs embarks on yet another adventure… HOMESCHOOLING!  Stay tuned for a post on how I plan to organize the year, what curriculum we’re using and other tidbits.


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