Stark Bros. Nursery – Excellent quality fruit trees, berries and plants.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – This is, hands down, my favorite seed store. 

Burpee Seeds and Plants – I think everyone is familiar with Burpee seeds; they’re not my favorite but I do use them on occasion.

Backyard Gardener – Look up your planting zone and find lots of other gardening information.


Lehman’s – Old-Fashioned country store that sells everything you could possibly want or need to work your Urban or Suburban Homestead.

Urban Farm Magazine – I don’t buy magazines often but I just love this one.  Practical advice on an urban or subarban scale.


Organic-Kombucha– Everything you need to start brewing your own Kombucha at home.  Lots of information and thorough instructions as well.

Mother Earth News – More information than you could possibly ever use in a beautiful bi-monthly magazine.

Frugal Living

Frugal Village – A great website chock full of ideas for the economically minded.  Includes an awesome forum.

Simple Living

Simple Living Manifesto – Ideas for slowing down and living intentionally.

Zen Habits – Taking time to breathe in a world full of chaos.


National Wildlife Federation – Create a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Mason Bee Homes – Lots of information on the Orchard Mason Bee and their importance in pollinating your garden.  They also sell bee houses and cocoons containing dormant Mason Bees to start your own colony.

Attracting Pollinators – A great resource for determining which plants will attract what pollinators to your garden.


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